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In the last few years, Illinois residents have experienced a number of storms and other tragic events which have caused power outages for days, sometimes even up to a week. During these events, power companies use their whole man-power in order to restore order in those chaotic times, however it often takes quite a bit of time for the to make the necessary repairs.

During these periods without energy in our homes, we often have to go without essential utilities as well. Many families opt for flashlights and candles instead of lights, but what happens to all of the food in the refrigerator? How do we get heat during the winter? Better air quality in the summer?

That’s where a home generator can come in handy.

Our Solution

Home generators come in many shapes and sizes. From smaller, temporary home generators to the large whole-home generators, these life-saving devices can cover you in an emergency. Keeping you safe and sound, these beautiful pieces of machinery could save your food, your money, or even your life.


Whole Home Generator Advantages

Whole Home Generator
  • No-money-down financing available
  • Say goodbye to spoiled food, candles, and going days without heating or air-conditioning
  • Runs off natural gas or propane
  • Generator solutions for every budget
  • Free in-home consultation
  • Free whole-house surge protection (a $526 value!)

How it Works

  1. A transfer switch works in tandem with the generator to monitor utility power.
  2. If the power goes out, the generator automatically starts; then the transfer switch transfers power from the power source to the generator to power your home.
  3. When utility power is restored, the transfer switch will return the electrical load from the generator back to the power source. Then the generator returns to standby mode.



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