Whole-Home Surge Protection: Are You Ready For A Power Surge?


“All it took was a pop and a flash for $8,000 to go up in smoke.”

A flash in the pan

A combination of poorly maintained utilities and Southern Illinois’ bipolar weather leads to disaster for thousands of homeowners and families every year. We have all experienced the many, many power outages that our region suffers all through the year. What most never consider is the damage these outages cause to their homes electrical systems. Each time power is lost and then restored, power surges run through the system. The breakers in your electrical panel are designed to detect larger surges and trip, breaking the circuit to protect the appliances and devices connected to it. Unfortunately, over time, the micro surges caused by weather and supply issues wear down the connections between the breaker and the panel, leaving your devices vulnerable. Weak connections slow down the breakers response time, and only thousandths of a second are required to destroy everything connected to a circuit.

Surge Protection Infographic

Why whole-home surge protection?

Panel Fire
results of a fire caused by weakened connections on the top left breaker before a power surge

It’s a fair question, asked by any homeowner and renter at one time or another. That fatal surge might not come for years. It might not come at all while you’re living there. Do you know how old your panel is, though? Do you know what kind of state your breakers are in? How does your main electrical service look?

It’s a numbers game; a calculated risk. Anyone who has ever bought a power strip with a built-in surge protector knows how impractical and outrageously expensive it would be to put a surge protector on every single socket in your house. Even then you’d still leave your larger appliances and heating/cooling/lighting systems vulnerable. Many put surge protectors on their more expensive sockets (tv’s, game consoles, computers) and talk themselves into accepting the risk with lower ticket items.

The real risk is never those items, but the $13,000 heating and cooling system attached to your electrical panel; or the thousands of dollars worth of freezer, refrigerator, washer, dryer, stove and other larger 220v appliances connected that you can’t get surge protectors for. Worse, the devices themselves are all too often only part of the damage. Our service experts have conducted many repairs caused by wiring that has caught fire inside the walls of houses from a single power surge.

When considering whole-home surge protection, it’s essential to consider the cost to replace not only your devices and appliances but also the thousands, and often tens of thousands of dollars required to repair wiring inside walls, sockets, cabling, panel, breakers, electrical service and all the cosmetic repair after large sections of the wall have been cut out or burned up.

Did you know?

It’s vital that you check your insurance policy. Many homeowners insurance policies DO NOT cover lightning strikes unless there is a surge protector present in the main panel.

Many insurance companies also give a discount for homes that have surge protectors.

The average home gets hit with over 20 energy spikes per day.

A lightning strike up to one mile away can do damage to your sensitive equipment.

Fire Damage
smoke, soot, and fire damage caused by a surge through a television socket

The good news!

We hear daily the surprise in peoples voices as they find out just how affordable a whole-home surge protection system is. No need to buy surge protectors for every outlet. No need to sacrifice your heating and cooling system or your big-ticket appliances. The Service Detectives whole-home surge protection system is wired directly into your homes electrical grid and is so effective that we back it up with an industry-leading lifetime warranty covering up to $75,000 of connected equipment.

Don’t leave your home, your devices, or your family at risk; call us today at 618.993.HELP [4357], book online through our link, or use our contact form to reach out to our friendly, professional office staff who will be happy to schedule one of our surge protection specialists to come to you for an electrical evaluation of your home and talk you through our Service Detectives whole-home surge protection system.

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