Getting the Most Out of Your Homes Electrical Service

Most people never consider how power enters their home, and even fewer ever consider the quality of the power that enters their home and the devastating long term effects that a poor quality main electrical service can have on their home

What is Main Electrical Service?

Your main electrical service forms the bridge between your energy supplier and your home. It takes the raw electrical current coming from your main incoming line and steps it down to your main electrical panel, which then feeds that power throughout the home to your sockets and switches in a continuous circuit. Any interruption or wearing down of that circuit can have catastrophic results.

Why should I care?

A very valid question. Surely they build these things to last a hundred years? Sadly, while this would be nice, it is not the case. In decades past, build quality and durability were simply not as strong as they are now. Over time, exposure to high voltage, high amperage current wears down the connections in your main electrical service.

The quality of those initial connections determines the overall quality and efficiency of the power entering your home. Poor quality, worn, and damaged connections will provide limited, or inconsistent power, which will cause increased wear on your main electrical panel and every device in use in the home having to cope with fluttering power levels. Electrical masts are frequently the target of storm damage in Southern Illinois, particularly in older homes, and it’s often difficult to detect that damage until you’re close to the mast-head.

We have frequently come across customers who experience electrical issues within the home which are traced to poor or worn connections at their main service and not to a device or outlet within the home.

The Service Detectives Difference

Your main electrical service has been engineered as a unit to work perfectly in tune with your home’s power demands. The entire main electrical service is a “complete system” and designed for high efficiency with your safety in mind. We only use the highest quality materials, and couple that with expert professional installations backed by industry-leading warranties.


  • New wiring
  • New Weatherhead
  • New mast
  • New main disconnect switch
  • New main power cable (if applicable)
  • Copper grounding system
  • Expert and timely installation
All components meet or exceed your local code and regulations at the time of installation.

Call Service Detectives today at 618.993.HELP [4357], book online, or use our contact form on this website to reach out to our friendly, professional office staff and schedule an electrical safety evaluation with one of our electrical service experts.