Electrical Panels for Your Safety and Security

What’s in a panel?

Your entire homes electrical life depends upon your electrical panel. It is both the heart and brain of your homes electrical system, portioning, splitting, and distributing power in an endless loop to every part of your home. Even the smallest problem with your main electrical panel can be disastrous, and potentially fatal.

The power coming into your home from the main service has been stepped down to 240volts. Most appliances and devices operate at 110v. Your panel breaks the power coming into the home and directs it through dedicated circuits to the sockets and switches within your home. Larger devices do operate on 220v or 240v (such as your air conditioning system, furnace, washer, dryer, ovens, some larger refrigerators, and freezers) and this is directed through larger dedicated circuits.

Circuit breakers monitor each of the circuits to ensure that they don’t exceed their maximum power through a surge. When they detect an excess of power, the breaker trips, separating the circuit from the panel until it is tripped back in.

It matters what we are made of

Circuit Breaker
circuit breakers are complex components composed of many moving parts

The beating heart of your electrical panel is the bus-bar, which is a metal grid that directs the power coming into the panel through the circuits in the house. Many lower-quality panels use aluminum to manufacture their bus-bars, which leads to weaker connections with breakers, increasing the risk of damaging surges, and that will wear down, causing partial or total loss of power to some circuits.

At Service Detectives, we are committed to using only the highest quality components. Our bus-bars are composed of silver-plated copper, the most efficient and effective conductor in existence.  This allows our bus-bars to operate more efficiently at significantly lower temperatures, reducing wear and tear on our secure breaker connections and on the whole-home power grid.

Expert Panel Installation

Our service experts are extensively trained and have performed thousands of panel installations, upgrades, and repairs, enabling thousands of Southern Illinois families to sleep more soundly knowing that their homes main electrical system is safe, effective, and secure.

Call our office today and speak to one of our friendly, professional representatives about scheduling your whole home electrical evaluation with one of our service experts to ensure that your home is safe for you and your family.

Labeled Breaker Panel

Outdated and Condemned Panels


In order to better help you make a decision about the type of panel that you would like, we here at Service Detectives want to present you with all the information we can. It’s with that in mind that we regularly share reports issued by the Consumer Safety Institute about the safety hazards of outdated panels, and the dangers of older Federal Pacific Electric panels. Service Detectives is committed to ensuring that our customers have all the information they need to make an educated and informed decision about their families electrical safety.

a CSI safety report concerning the dangers and potential risks of Federal Pacific Electric panels and advice for homeowners
a report concerning the dangers and potential risks of outdated or condemned electrical panels, including advice for homeowners