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Tens of millions of people in the United States suffer from chronic, long term respiratory, and immune disease. Most will never consider that the quality of the air in their home could not only be contributing to those conditions but could, in fact, be the sole source of them.

In Marion, it’s rare to encounter someone who doesn’t either have some form of allergy, or that knows someone who does. The victims of allergies take their medication and suffer through the misery of the season, whether indoors or out. For many, though, they continue to suffer even after the season; some even have year-round immune system conditions. Few will ever consider that indoor air pollution may be the culprit.

The Science and the Numbers

The World Health Organization estimated in 2015 that approximately 4.6 million people died annually around the world from Air Pollution related diseases. Many are attributable directly to poor indoor air pollution from physical, chemical, or biological contaminants. More recent data from March 2019 places this estimate at closer to 8.8 million. Data from the National Academy of Sciences estimates that as many as 100,000 people a year in the United States die from air pollution-related diseases, including poor indoor air quality. Despite the advances in technology, it’s clear that our indoor and outdoor air quality continues to deteriorate, and it is taking an increasingly heavy human toll.

Our Commitment To Your Health

6 Stages of Breathe Better

For over 50 years, Service Detectives has pledged to bring safety and security to the people of Marion. We see an air pollution crisis that poses a clear and present danger to our community, and we are committed to continuing to honor that pledge.

Service Detectives is the innovator behind a six-stage Air Pollution Solution called Breathe Better which is specifically designed to achieve the freshest, cleanest indoor air quality possible. Our technology is trusted by the FDA, USDA, and more, with scientifically demonstrated results. Previously used in military installations, large hospitals and schools throughout the nation, we are now able to offer this six-stage system with most residential heating and cooling systems.

To give a comprehensive overview of our six-stage Breathe Better Air Pollution Solution, we have produced detailed digital and paper resources for the convenience of our Marion families.

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