Your Herrin Electrical Specialists

Grandpa Red

Herrin has always held a special place in our hearts. When Grandpa Red, pictured above, founded Starnes Electric in 1968 it was based out of Herrin. When Roy and Donna took on the business as Cole Electric in 1993, they operated out of Herrin. Finally, Jason and Shayna have continued to run the family business in the Herrin area since they took over in 2004.

Since the beginning our family has built relationships and connections with the people of Herrin based on our deep roots and love for our neighbors. We continue to provide the same quality service that Grandpa Red founded Starnes Electric with way back in ’68, because our ultimate goal is to provide Southern Illinoisans with comfort, safety, and security in their homes.

Main Electrical Service

The main electrical service, or meter service, could be considered the foundation to any home electrical system. This oft-overlooked box actually does one of the most fundamental jobs in your entire home; it supplies your entire home with energy from your power company.

The entire main electrical service was engineered as a unit to work perfectly to meet your home’s power demands. The entire service is designed with high efficiency and, most importantly, your safety in mind. Because of this, we use only the best materials for your home meter service. Coupled with our expert technicians’ magic touch, we make sure that your home meter service is done right the first time, every time, and on time.

Simply put, it’s the best main electrical service for your home.


At Service Detectives, we’ve been trusted for generations in the Herrin area.

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