Your Carterville Home Rewire Experts

Your house is full of energy. From the cable antenna or satellite stationed on your roof to the power lines running under your yard, the average American household contains thousands of wires and electrical pieces which can seem quite daunting when issues do arise.

That’s where we have you covered.

Service Detectives has served Southern Illinois since 1968, working hard to ensure that each customer is safe and secure in their home. Our services cover everything, from changing light-bulbs to full home rewires and more.

You May Be in Danger!

As our electronic devices grow older, they begin malfunctioning and not acting in the way that they were intended. As unfortunate as this is, this means that after some time with our phones, game consoles, and other devices, eventually they have to be replaced with newer equipment.

Most don’t realize that the electrical equipment in our houses do the same. As time goes on, everything begins to rust and lose its strength, causing issues in your house. We’ve heard countless stories and seen firsthand the damage done by outdated wiring in the homes of people who simply don’t know any better.

That’s why we’ve made a pledge to ensure that our customers don’t have these issues with our full rewire plans.

Our Full Home Rewires

Grandpa Red

Grandpa Red

Full home rewires are a service we’ve offered since the very beginning. In 1968 our founder, Grandpa Red (pictured left), began offering home rewires as an essential part of his home protection plan. We hold the philosophy that a house is just like a car; you can keep the pretty outsides as long as the insides are just as shiny.

During a full rewire we examine every aspect of your home in order to determine what may cause issues in the near future. Then we’ll strip and replace everything big and small in order to ensure that you have the latest and greatest in electrical hardware.

Since the beginning we’ve dedicated ourselves to ensuring the safety and security of our customers. Ultimately, our goal today is the same as it was when we began; our technicians work hard to ensure you can rest easy knowing you’re safe and sound in your home.

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