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Your home’s electrical panel is the brain and heart of your home’s electrical system, but with more than 900 electrical surges a year affecting Carbondale, this critical component could be in far worse shape than you could imagine.

What Does It Do?

As electricity flows into your home through the main electrical service, your electrical panel splits that power and distributes it to the circuits throughout the home to power your devices.

The electrical panel’s most important role is protecting your home from damage by preventing surges from passing into circuits and appliances.

Labeled Breaker Panel

The Hidden Danger

Despite the vital role it plays in powering and protecting our home, we rarely consider our electrical panel until something goes wrong. The danger in that is the slow and steady damage caused by the repeated power surges experienced in Carbondale through the year.

With an average of 3 power surges a day hitting our panels, the delicate contacts that cause breakers to trip to protect your home are gradually worn down. This slows down the breaker’s reaction time until the time taken to trip is slow enough to allow a surge through to a main circuit. Even a thousandth of a second can be the difference between a successful save and total disaster.

How Old Is Your Panel?

Carbondale contains a lot of older homes, many with panels that are more than forty years old. It is recommended that panels be changed at least every 20 years to ensure that they remain up to date and able to handle the load placed upon them.

Many older panels, including those manufactured by the Federal Pacific company, have been found to be extremely dangerous, with several key manufacturing defects. Below are links to independent reports on dangerous and condemned panels.

The Answer?

We can never protect ourselves completely, and there will always be the unexpected that leaps up to strike us, but we can avoid many of the potentially disastrous issues through proper maintenance and upgrades as needed.

Service Detectives has more than 50 years of experience helping the families of Carbondale live in greater comfort and safety. Our Electrical Home Protection Plans include an annual safety maintenance inspection of your home’s electrical system. They will ensure that your home’s electrical panel remains in tip-top condition.

When it comes to maintenance, replacement, or upgrade, our electrical service experts have the tools, knowledge, and industry-leading warranties to protect you and your family

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