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As Americans we enjoy a comfort which much of the world is not currently using. While many around the world still use simple space heaters, we enjoy the benefits of affordable whole-home heating and air systems. While many of us may take advantage of this fact, it really is something to be appreciated. However, in order to continue enjoying this American luxury there’s a lot of upkeep which has to be done.

Service Detectives has you covered.

Trusted for generations, we make sure that our customers in Southern Illinois are provided safe, affordable heating options in order to keep warm when the cold comes without freezing your bank account in the process.

Home Heating: Furnaces

One of the most common choices for indoor home heating is the classic furnace; however, most don’t realize that there are more options than just a gas burner. While gas burners certainly are still prevalent (and we do offer them!), we also frequently install electric forced air furnaces. These machines perform the same functions as a regular gas furnace, except using electrical pieces instead of gas burners, saving valuable resources.

Each furnace, gas or electric, is installed by an expert electrician so that it’s done right the first time.

Gas Burners

Why Choose Us for Benton?


While we may operate out of the Herrin area and serve all of Southern Illinois, our Service Detectives family also has deep ties to the Benton area as well.

Jason Shadowen, pictured, co-owns the business along with his wife Shayna. Jason grew up in Benton, has family in Benton, and graduated from Benton Consolidated High School in 1997. Through him, Service Detectives is tied to the area in a neighborly manner which allows us to feel our best when providing you with excellent service.

Each of our technicians has been trained with the same philosophy; service above self. At the end of the day, our goal is to make sure each of our customers is safe and sound in their home.

To find out more about how we can provide you with unrivaled quality service, call us today at 618.993.HELP [4357] or click the handy button above to schedule online!