Surge Protection Service

Surge Protection

The average household has $8,000 of electrical items, but all it takes is a split second for a power surge to destroy them and leave you with the high cost and headache of replacing them.

“All It Took Was a Pop and a Flash to Send $8,000 Up in Smoke”

Surge protection is a must if you want to keep your valuable electronics and appliances safe. At Service Detectives, we offer complete surge protection for your home to make sure that lightning or utility disturbances won't wreck your possessions before you can do anything to save them. Prevent disasters before they happen by having us set up surge protection in your home:
service detectives complete home surge protection package

If It's plugged in, it's at Risk

Power surges don’t take prisoners. They attack without warning and can destroy:

  • Televisions
  • Computers
  • Air Conditioners
  • Stoves
  • Refrigerators
  • Washers
  • Dryers
  • Microwaves
  • Telephones
  • Surround Sound Systems
  • And More
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Did you know...

Many homeowners insurance policies DO NOT cover lightning strikes? And many insurance companies give a discount for homes that have surge protectors.

The average home gets hit with over 20 energy spikes per day. A lightning strike up to one mile away can do damage to your sensitive equipment.

Ductless, mini-split-system heat pumps (mini splits) make good retrofit add-ons to houses with "non-ducted" heating systems, such as hydronic (hot water heat), radiant panels, and space heaters (wood, kerosene, propane). They can also be a good choice for room additions, where extending or installing distribution ductwork is not feasible.


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Professional, personable, concern for the customer and quality workmanship. These qualities are always present in every task that is completed by Tony and his team. It is comforting to know that the job is well done and nothing is overlooked.
-Bev H.

Ask how you can protect your sensitive electronic equipment components with whole house surge protection:

Why do I need special protection from surges?
Electronics are becoming increasingly sophisticated and utilize technology that was not even conceived of just five years ago. Items like the ones listed above are damaged by even small voltage changes. Part of the danger is that the damage from small surges can add up over time and may eventually shorten the life of your equipment or even destroy it.
What does a Surge Device protect?
The whole house device is the first stage. It will help protect household appliances. It has up to a 5 year warranty and protects up to $75,000 of connected equipment. The second stage is the plug-in surge strips to protect smaller appliances and sensitive electronic equipment. As long as you have both stages, you are getting the best protection available. As with just about everything, there are high-end and low-end surge protectors, and you typically get what you pay for. Low-end surge protectors offer very little protection, and the circuits are prone to quick failure. Our surge strips have a lifetime warranty and are not available in stores.

WHAT YOUR neighbor in Energy, IL Said:

This company is what a company should be. Jason was extremely personable and knowledgeable. He was quick, thorough, all prices were upfront, and there was no pressure felt at all. Customer service at its BEST here!
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Get Expert Surge Protection For Your electronics

Tired of worrying about your most important household items? Want to make sure that power surges won't wreck thousands of dollars worth of electronics and appliances?
Don't wait for a power surge to destroy your washer, dryer, or television. We'll come in and make sure that your appliances, electronics, and other electrical devices in your home are protected properly. When lightning strikes, your home will be ready, your appliances protected, and your family safe.
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